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Avoid the outrageous expenses of long-term parking at the San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International AirportAnyone who flies regularly knows there are some obstacles that you just have to deal with when traveling the skies. There are seemingly endless lines, small, cramped seats, sometimes unhappy children, mechanical issues, weather, and ridiculous fees. Thankfully, in all the hustle and bustle of air travel, you can cut out at least one of those unfortunate hassles: long-term parking at the airport.

Just imagine it; after a stressful business trip, or a hectic family vacation, you finally survive the flight, make it back through the security lines, find your bags, and then, instead of being able to just plunk down and head home, you are faced with a new monumental task. You’ve collected all your things, and now, you’ve got to lug it all onto a small, cramped shuttle bus, if there are even any running, struggle with your luggage while everyone else just sits there waiting for you to hurry up, just to unload it all again in 5 minutes when you get to the parking lot. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, now you’ve got to try and find your way through the maze of minivans, SUVs, sedans, and other cars, trying desperately to remember where you parked yours. Finally, when you actually find your car, get your luggage loaded up and head out the gate, your stopped and slapped with a huge bill.

“Ninety dollars!?” You’ll protest, saying, “That just can’t be right, I’ve only been gone for five days.”

“Yeah,” says the disinterested kid beyond the window, “it’s eighteen dollars a day.”

Now, not only has it taken you twice as long as you thought to get out of the busy airport, your trip expenses, which likely went a little over budget anyway, just got blown out of the water by this often underestimated fee.

But, you may not know, there is a way to avoid this unglamorous aspect of air travel. You can easily save yourself the pain of the inevitable long-term parking bill plus enjoy a comfortable, leisurely ride to and from the airport rather than wrestling with traffic, all by simply arranging for a town car to drop you off and pick you up. A town car is a great alternative to paying the hefty airport fees, eighteen dollars a day at the very cheapest lot at San Francisco International, and is an easy way to take some of the stress out of traveling. Your town car driver will be patiently waiting for you upon arrival at the airport with a sign, will help take your bags quickly to the waiting car, and take you safely to your destination.

There are plenty of stresses and obstacles when it comes to airport travel, and most you can do nothing about, but there thankfully, town car service can make a big difference in your next trip. No matter how long your stay, or how many travelers in your party, there is a town car service that can meet your needs. Save a little sanity on your next trip and let someone else deal with the traffic.

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