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Enjoy the world famous America’s Cup while traveling in high style

America's CupThe America’s Cup is the most premier trophy sport in the entire world. With a history longer and richer than even the Olympics, the world flocks to watch the America’s Cup. This year the yacht race is being held in beautiful San Francisco. Events commence on July 4th and will run for three months, finishing with the final race on September 21st. Over three million people are expected to attend at least some portion of the event and San Francisco is sure to be alive with activity.

The America’s Cup, contrary to what its name may suggest, is not actually named after America the country. In fact, the cup is named for the schooner that won the very first race, the America. Since the America won the very first race back in 1851 the America’s Cup has been the preeminent yacht race worldwide. The team that currently holds the cup, known as the “defender”, is pitted in a head-to-head race against another competitor, who is chosen after several races, known as the “challenger”. This unique style of racing adds to the excitement in the lead up to the final race.

During the America’s Cup there is racing nearly every day of the month so there is plenty of action no matter when you’re in town. This is the first time in the Cup’s 162-year history that the racing will be this close to the fans! Because the racing course is near to the shore of the San Francisco Bay fans can be assured that they will be up close to the action. The sailors are even within range of the roar of the crowd! There are several venues from which fans can enjoy the racing action. The America’s Cup Village and America’s Cup Park are both great for land loving viewers but those that prefer to watch from the water have a separate viewing area to the right of the racecourse.

In addition to world-class racing, America’s Cup brings a concert series with it that will easily rival many annual festivals. With a lineup of performers the likes of the Counting Crows, the San Francisco Symphony, Weezer, 311, Sublime, and plenty more, there is something for every music lover! The America’s Cup Park piers host an outdoor concert venue that holds nine thousand music lovers, which guarantees there are plenty of unforgettable nights to be had. With incredible musical performances every weekend there is always a perfect end to a day of watching world-class yacht racing in the San Francisco Bay.

Whether you are enjoying a day at the races or a night at the concert venue, you’ll want to make sure that this trip is one you’ll never forget, and there is one surefire way to do that: a private limo. Your driver will ensure that you get to your destination in the lap of luxury. Catch the pre-race coverage on the television and stereo system or have a drink from the built-in bar while your personal driver navigates the crowded streets of San Francisco. When you book private limo service during your stay in San Francisco for America’s cup you can ensure that you’ll be getting the true luxury experience.

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