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Taking a Limo to the American Cup


We decided to see a historic event while we were visiting the San Francisco area. We were going to the America’s Cup competition. We did not know much about the race or the competition, although it is a tradition in California. That was why we wanted to go. We wanted to have a different experience. We wanted to get out of the house and do something that was a bit out of our character. Usually, we go shopping, eating, or we go to the movies. We were both bored with these options.

It took some planning to prepare for our trip to the competition. We did not want to go there and know something at all about what was happening. We also needed to know how to get there. We were from North Carolina, and we did not know anything about driving in San Francisco. Neither one of us wanted to drive. I suggested that we flip a coin and the loser had to drive there and back. My friend and traveling companion, Emma, suggested that we take turns. I did not like either idea, because I happen to be a horrible driver in my own hometown of North Carolina. I did I know my way around in California, so I figured that I would probably be an even worse driver in that large city. I wanted us both to get to the competition safely, so I did not want to take the chance of driving to our event. We had been taking taxis and using public transportation, for the most part. I felt that we deserved a treat, so I suggested that we rent a limousine in San Francisco.

That way, we can drive to the games in comfort. We would have plenty of leg space, and we could chill out before we get there. Taking a limo will be a pleasant experience. Since we both hate to drive, and we both dislike traffic, it would be nice to look forward to riding somewhere. We immediately became extremely excited. Now, we thought that our trip would really be fun. We were going to ride to the games like celebrities.

Limo CarBefore our event, we read about the boats and the sailors who were in the competition. We chose our favorites. We had our own sailors to root for. It was neat to read about sailors like Nathan Outteridge and Iain Percy. We also read about Dean Barker, Ray Davies, and Chris Draper. We read up on all of the teams, so we would know all of the back stories before the completion. We were going to go to the America’s Cup Park and watch the race from the pier. While we were there, we wanted to do a little of shopping. Although we usually shop during our trips, we did not want to pass up the opportunity to shop at the Louis Vuitton Cup Store. As we read about the competition, we learned that there was an American Cup concert series, so we decided to check out some of the groups and go to a concert, too. We wanted a night out on the town in San Francisco. We were going to really feel like rock stars that day.

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