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Taking a Limo From the Airport for a Business Trip in San Francisco


I had just been hired as a travel writer for a major magazine. My first task was to fly into San Francisco from Miami and visit some of the highlights in the city. I had never been to California before. I did not know much about the city, but I did know that the city had a rather complicated highway system. I did not want to have to deal with the traffic in the city either. The morning before my trip was a whirlwind. I was still packing my carry-on bag that morning. I wanted to make sure that I had everything. I needed my notebooks, digital recorder, cameras, and of course, my laptop. Continue reading “Taking a Limo From the Airport for a Business Trip in San Francisco” »

A Better Time at the Airport With A Limo Service in San Francisco

Airport Limo Service

A few years ago, I drove my sedan to the airport to catch a flight at San Jose International Airport. I thought that task would be simple enough. I’ve driven my car to the airport before without any problems. On occasion, I have been afraid that I would miss my flight due to the exceptionally heavy traffic. I learned from that mistake, however. I made sure that I left several hours before I had to be there.

So, I parked my car and I headed to the proper gate. I arrived there early, so I thought that all was well. Yes. That’s what I thought. After my trip, I was tired and a bit grumpy. I just wanted to go home. I did not want to be bothered with the crowds in the airport, and I surely did not want to be bothered with the heavy traffic that I would encounter on the way home. So, I trudged out of the building with my luggage in tow. I walked out and one look at the parking garage was all that it took. I was completely disoriented. I had no idea of where to even start looking for my car. It was so bad, that I could not even remember what level that I parked it on. I tried to think back, but I could not recall a thing. I decided to start searching for my car on the first level of the lot. I was exhausted and I just wanted to find my car. Continue reading “A Better Time at the Airport With A Limo Service in San Francisco” »

A Limo For Our Anniversary

Limousine Car

My husband planned the ultimate romantic evening for our anniversary. Of course, I had no idea about what was happening until the big day. All I know is that a beautiful stretch limousine came to pick me up on the evening of our anniversary. I thought that my husband had forgotten. In fact, I was getting angrier and angrier as the evening went on. He told me that we would probably go out to dinner to the restaurant down the street. That restaurant was quite nice, but I had been there about a million times. That’s where he usually takes me when he forgets or anniversary or any other occasion. It’s easy for him to get there. We do not need reservations on a weeknight. Dinner at that restaurant is his plan B. I told him that I never wanted to go there on a special occasion again. I wanted him to make real plans. I wanted him to plan ahead, and make special occasions really special. Continue reading “A Limo For Our Anniversary” »

Taking a Limo to the American Cup


We decided to see a historic event while we were visiting the San Francisco area. We were going to the America’s Cup competition. We did not know much about the race or the competition, although it is a tradition in California. That was why we wanted to go. We wanted to have a different experience. We wanted to get out of the house and do something that was a bit out of our character. Usually, we go shopping, eating, or we go to the movies. We were both bored with these options. Continue reading “Taking a Limo to the American Cup” »

Enjoy the world famous America’s Cup while traveling in high style

America's CupThe America’s Cup is the most premier trophy sport in the entire world. With a history longer and richer than even the Olympics, the world flocks to watch the America’s Cup. This year the yacht race is being held in beautiful San Francisco. Events commence on July 4th and will run for three months, finishing with the final race on September 21st. Over three million people are expected to attend at least some portion of the event and San Francisco is sure to be alive with activity. Continue reading “Enjoy the world famous America’s Cup while traveling in high style” »

Treat yourself and your family to a stress free return from family vacation

Family VacationsFamily vacations are something that everyone looks forward to all throughout the year. There is always something fun for everyone to do, and the excitement of travel and a new routine gets everyone fired up. Many families choose air travel for their vacations because of its convenience. You can be almost anywhere in just a matter of hours, and there’s no need to spend hundreds in gas or risk breaking down and being stranded on unfamiliar roads. Unfortunately though, it’s not all rosy. Family vacations can bring on unique stresses and air travel has its own obstacles that travelers must face. Continue reading “Treat yourself and your family to a stress free return from family vacation” »

There is nothing quite like a limousine to make any bachelor party one to remember

Wedding season is beginning to get into full swing, and with that, comes a whole lot of partying. While both grooms and brides-to-be often participate in a “final” party to end all parties, it’s the guys that get the most notoriety for these raucous celebrations. Make sure and choose your best man well, because he’s the one who’ll traditionally be planning your shindig! Bachelor parties are definitely a time for serious celebration; not only are you celebrating your final days as a “single” man, you’re celebrating moving into a new phase of your life.

San Francisco Bachelor PartySan Francisco is a great place to host a bachelor party whether you live here or not. There are incredible sports venues for a daytime party and a serious nightlife scene for partying after dark. There are plenty of ways to make your friend’s bachelor party an event you won’t soon forget, but one of the easiest, is getting a limo! There is nothing quite like the feeling of having your own personal driver taking you anywhere you want while you stretch out in the back with your buddies enjoying the television, stereo system, and stocked, built-in bar. Lay back, mix up a few cocktails, and toast to the bachelor all while you’re on your way to anywhere in the city! Continue reading “There is nothing quite like a limousine to make any bachelor party one to remember” »

Bay Area Limo Services: Enjoy the Legroom During Your Airport Commute

Thousands of people travel by air on a daily basis. Vacation and business are the two primary reasons people commute by plane. Regardless of the reason, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be taken care of ahead of your scheduled flight. One of these is arranging travel to the airport. The most common solution is to have a friend or relative drive you. However, this option may not always be available or you may simply not want to inconvenience anyone. If you know anything about Bay Area traffic, then you know how bad it can get during certain hours.

Limousine Services

A more sensible solution is to hire a limo. Traffic in the freeway and roads leading to the airport is almost always congested, which means being inside your vehicle for long periods. This can especially be unpleasant during the summer months. With a limo, you won’t care how long the commute takes because you will have access to all sorts of comfortable amenities. You have air conditioning to keep you cool or a heater to keep you cozy if it is freezing. You also have access to Wi-Fi, which means you can surf the Web with your laptop or mobile device. If you want, pop in a CD or DVD and enjoy some music or your favorite show from the vehicle’s built-in high definition television. Continue reading “Bay Area Limo Services: Enjoy the Legroom During Your Airport Commute” »

Avoid the outrageous expenses of long-term parking at the San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International AirportAnyone who flies regularly knows there are some obstacles that you just have to deal with when traveling the skies. There are seemingly endless lines, small, cramped seats, sometimes unhappy children, mechanical issues, weather, and ridiculous fees. Thankfully, in all the hustle and bustle of air travel, you can cut out at least one of those unfortunate hassles: long-term parking at the airport. Continue reading “Avoid the outrageous expenses of long-term parking at the San Francisco International Airport” »

Take Part in America’s Greatest Pastime by Attending a Live Giants Game


Baseball is one of America’s greatest pastimes and is a sport that dates back to pre-Civil War days. For the Bay Area, it’s all about the Giants, which also happen to be the current reigning World Series champion. This is a great source of pride for local San Franciscans. It’s the Giant’s second championship; attending a live game is your chance to root for them and hope for a 2-peat.

If you are an avid fan, then there is no experience more dynamic than attending a live game. It’s an occasion you should treat yourself to every now and then. The season is already underway with the full schedule already up on MLB’s website. For July, the Giants have several home games scheduled. The team will be facing off against the Dodgers and Mets for the first half of the month and against the Diamond Backs, Reds and Cubs for the latter half. The schedule for the months of August and September is also up, so you can plan accordingly and reserve the best seats in advance. Season tickets are available if you are a regular attendee. Continue reading “Take Part in America’s Greatest Pastime by Attending a Live Giants Game” »