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Limo San Francisco 49ers

Limo San Francisco 49ers | Limousine Service In San Francisco

Football is the most popular sport in America. And why not? It’s fun to watch, filled with exciting plays and is the perfect way to relax over a Sunday afternoon with friends and family. As games become more interesting and stadiums are becoming more built out into malls and offering all sorts of pre-game experiences, more and more people are getting interested in football.

But, what is even more fun than sitting at home watching the game with a bowl of popcorn is actually attending the game. In San Francisco, fans love their 49ers, a football team that has a great history of winning tradition and famous Hall of Fame players like Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice. Every season thousands of fans flock out to the football stadium to watch their team fight it out on the grid iron against the competition.

And now, with a new and really exciting quarterback leading the team, and a close loss in the most recent Super Bowl, the Niners are going to be more popular than ever this coming fall. Even though most people end up watching the game from home, a lucky few get to head out to Candlestick Park and watch the game in person.

Most people agree that one of the very best parts of going to a football game on a cool fall afternoon is tailgating just before the game. What exactly is tailgating? For those who do not know, essentially tailgating is when groups of people drive to a game and have all sorts of food and beverages in the parking lot. Generally tailgating involves bringing pot luck type dishes, a small grill and foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. Tailgating can also involve chips and salsa, cold sandwiches and games like bean bag toss and lawn golf as well.

Crowds of fans love to get together, enjoy the food and beverages and pass the time before going into the stadium to watch the game. Once the game is over, everyone packs up and then heads home to wait for the game next weekend.

As you can probably imagine, people love to tailgate, but it is not without its own types of headaches. Of course, just like any major stadium that is in or near the limits of any major city is going to face a lot of traffic. In addition to that, once all the cars are headed into the various parking lots, it can be a very long drive before a spot is found, and that means a very long wait at the end of the game to leave the parking lot. 

Limo San Francisco

Many people work around these headaches by hiring a limousine service in San Francisco to take a group to the football game. Using a limo solves so many different options and provides a lot of benefits for people who are looking to have fun tailgating event, without the hassle of driving.

The first of course, is not having to worry about having a designated driver, that way everyone can enjoy some drinks if they choose at the tailgate and don’t need to have a fear about getting in a car after they have had a few drinks. This ends up being a major benefit in terms of safety.

A group of six or eight friends will have the ability to all ride together in one limo. San Francisco Forty Niners parking can really add up if there are two or three cars in a tailgating group, but this way everyone will be able to arrive together at the same time and only pay one parking fee. Additionally, many of the major sports and music events will have a special limo parking area, and usually those spots are some of the best available in the lot!

Limousine Service In San Francisco

Hiring a limo service is also going to remove any worries about timing. If one car is running late or gets held up on the way to the game, then the group will not be able to park together and will end up separated, spending time wandering around the parking lot trying to find the rest of the group.

Using a limousine service in San Francisco means that the driver is intimately aware of the area around downtown and the stadium. The driver will be able to navigate around, and will probably know a few tricks to be able to avoid traffic as well. Plus, being in a limousine will allow the group to be able to use the carpool lane, thereby allowing even more traffic to be missed because of the limo. San Francisco, like many major cities can have major traffic problems in areas of the city, so any little bit of being able to drive around the congestion helps.

A limo is also going to be able to let the group attending the game arrive at the stadium area early if they choose to skip the tailgating and instead dine at some of the delicious options that are located within Candlestick Park. Some of the restaurants inside the stadium like the Stadium Club are actually open three hours before kickoff in order to accommodate those who are looking to have some food and drinks before the game’s kickoff.

A limousine service in San Francisco will also be able to pick up the party and drop them off if the group chooses to dine at one of the many restaurants in downtown San Francisco before the game instead of going directly to the stadium. This chauffeur service will allow for a professional driver to cater directly to the needs of the group and drive them to the proper destinations without any issues or hassles at all.

It is pretty clear to see all of the benefits associated with going to the big game via a Limo. San Francisco 49ers fans have been using high quality and reliable limousine services for years in order to take them to and from the game safe and sound.