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San Francisco Limo Rates | San Francisco Limo Prices

When you’re looking to rent a limousine, you’re not looking for the most frugal method of transportation. In fact, you’re probably looking to impress someone or at least make some memories that the people riding aren’t going to forget. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a great value for your money, and our company puts forth the effort to ensure that you always get what you pay for. On top of that, we work to keep our San Francisco limo rates competitive so you can be sure that you’re always paying a fair price for the services you’re getting.

Driver and Vehicle Services

We take our presentation very seriously at all times, which is why our company doesn’t even consider applicants with less than three full years of chauffeur experience. Whether it’s navigating the traffic of the airport and dropping a family off to a variety of functions or carrying a group of students to their prom and back again in the middle of the night, our drivers have the experience that justifies the San Francisco limo prices you’ll be considering. Naturally, this means that we can also schedule our drivers for pickups at many different times of the day, and they’ll know how to adjust their schedules in order to ensure they are awake, alert, and perfectly professional.

Drivers are also required to adhere to our strict dress code at all times, which covers their entire appearance and helps maintain our expected mindset of courtesy and ability. Annual evaluations are conducted on staff behavior, including stringent behavior checks, so that you can feel safe knowing your driver has successfully passed some truly thorough screenings and has come through them without a problem.

In addition to the effort we put forth to ensure the skill and ability of our drivers, we also thoroughly check each vehicle before it is sent out. All vehicles are services on a regular basis by trained mechanics who understand the idea of keeping each vehicle in top shape at all times, while the interiors are professionally cleaned to ensure only the highest quality of riding experience. In fact, a fair portion of our San Francisco limo rates goes into the maintenance of the vehicles and helping to support your entire experience.

Our fleet services much of the San Francisco, San Jose, Silicon Valley, and general Bay Area of California. Pickups can be arranged at many different locations, and for visitors coming in through the airport, our drivers will either wait for you by the curb or head inside your terminal with a sign and escort you to the vehicle. Which service they’ll perform is your choice.


Which amenities are available depends very strongly upon the vehicle being rented. Our standard fleet of limousines includes everything you expect from a high-class vehicle rental, including the most comfortable seats we’ve been able to find, extensive storage for your luggage and, of course, a professional driver who is intimately familiar with the region. Our luxury sedans also include darkly tinted windows for privacy, a CD sound system for guests who would like music playing, power points for compatible AC electronic systems, a work desk for the businessman, a local newspaper, and cold, bottled water for quenching thirst during the ride.

Some amenities are limited to certain vehicles, and the majority of these are included with our traditional stretch limousines. Each of these vehicles will generally fit between eight and ten passengers in comfort, with a privacy divider available to help ensure that passengers can focus on enjoying themselves rather than worrying about the driver looking at them. Three flat-screen televisions have been installed on the inside of the vehicles along with DVD players so that guests can play their choice of movies or other entertainments. Mood lightning based on fiber optic technologies helps to set the mood within the vehicle during the trip, while the tinted windows provide another layer of privacy for everyone within the vehicle. The interior stereo system also accommodates AM/FM radio, CDs, and iPod connections for even more entertainment options during the ride. The stocked bar within the vehicle includes ice and a selection of non-alcoholic drinks for guests to enjoy. All of these features are fully included with our San Francisco limo prices.

Though they aren’t rented quite as often, our fleet still includes a number of other vehicles (including the comfortable yet powerful SUV line) for other circumstances that you and your companions might be going through. For more information on these vehicles and which parts of our fleet are the most appropriate for your needs, contact one of our customer service representatives at (408) 614-0000.

Other Events

Our service is committed to providing the best possible experience for a variety of events, from weddings  to corporate functions, tours, and many other special occasions. That’s why we make the effort to adjust our services as necessary in order to accommodate your needs. In fact, our San Francisco limo rates include being picked up on short notice to go meet a surprise guest, take some friends out for a party, or otherwise enjoy yourself and travel in style. Life can be unpredictable, we know, but you can rest easy knowing that our vehicles and drivers are only a call away whenever you might need them. Just what kinds of events might you experience?

Perhaps you’ve decided to propose and want to treat that special someone to lunch before you pop the question. You might not have too long to get everything arranged, but we can schedule you in quite quickly if that’s what you need us to do. We also offer transport from homes and hotels to local events like the theater, and there are few better ways to make an impression on other guests than by showing up in a classic stretch limousine. Concerts, parties, and other shows all give you the opportunity for rides with our competitive San Francisco limo rates. At any time of day or night, we’re here to help solve your problems.

San Francisco Limo Rates

We offer hourly rates for our services but you can customize the services you get and you get reasonable and absolutely manageable charges for those.

For more information, contact us at (415) 992-7111. Thank you.