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Take Part in America’s Greatest Pastime by Attending a Live Giants Game


Baseball is one of America’s greatest pastimes and is a sport that dates back to pre-Civil War days. For the Bay Area, it’s all about the Giants, which also happen to be the current reigning World Series champion. This is a great source of pride for local San Franciscans. It’s the Giant’s second championship; attending a live game is your chance to root for them and hope for a 2-peat.

If you are an avid fan, then there is no experience more dynamic than attending a live game. It’s an occasion you should treat yourself to every now and then. The season is already underway with the full schedule already up on MLB’s website. For July, the Giants have several home games scheduled. The team will be facing off against the Dodgers and Mets for the first half of the month and against the Diamond Backs, Reds and Cubs for the latter half. The schedule for the months of August and September is also up, so you can plan accordingly and reserve the best seats in advance. Season tickets are available if you are a regular attendee.

If you never been to the AT&T Park for a home game, you will surely be blown away when you enter the arena and witness the jam packed stadium. You have not seen a game until you been to a live game in front of fans with their jerseys, painted faces and foam fingers.

Even if you are unable to attend a Giants game, you can still stop by AT&T Park simply for the many attractions the location offers. One of the attractions especially great for the children is the Fan Lot. This is an event where children can enjoy fun games and activities, which includes a super slide and a photo booth. Fans can also check out the Wall of Fame. Another nearby location is the China Basin Park, a popular hangout spot where residents can play a game of catch or set up a picnic.

For most fans, attending a live game is a once in a blue moon occasion. If you happen to fall into this category, then you should make every effort to make the occasion as memorable as possible. Perhaps you are attending a game with friends or are treating your children to their first live game. Whatever the case may be, you can heighten the excitement and anticipation by attending a game in a limo.

If you are attending a game to commemorate a relative or friend’s birthday, then hiring a limo can be your gift to that person. By riding in a limo, you can enjoy all sorts of amenities; there is access to television and stereo where you can listen to the pregame commentary. There is also a built-in bar where you can prepare drinks and toast to an exciting game that’s ahead.

While riding in a limo is always a supplemental option, it is a great way to make the most of an event that has been enjoyed by many Americans for well over a century.

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