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The seven of them are standing outside, fidgeting slightly, hoping they really have managed to pick out the right dresses for the biggest dance of the year. One of them is just wondering why their parents said to stand here when a long, silvery vehicle sent by one of the San Francisco Limo companies pulls up on the street next to them. A young man steps out, every part of his uniform immaculate as he looks over the group and counts. He nods slightly, then politely asks if he can see the school identification card that he knows one of them has been told to carry. One of the students quickly offers it, and the driver checks the name against his list before nodding and opening the door. Finally realizing what’s going on, the children alternately gasp, shriek, and hurry inside. There’s room for all of them and then some.

Once they’ve settled down a little, the driver explains what’s going on, including some basic safety practices for limousine travel and how he’ll be waiting to pick them up at the end of the night. With that said and done, he closes the privacy screen and allows the students to enjoy the thrill of riding in one of the most elaborate and comfortable vehicles provided by San Francisco Limo companies. The students enjoy the smooth and comfortable ride, and eventually, dare to try some of the complimentary drinks provided by the service. All of the drinks, of course, are non-alcoholic. The limo company would never make a mistake like serving intoxicants to minors. The group is dropped off in front of the massive ballroom being used for the school’s prom that year, and the seven students draw envious looks from those who had to drive themselves, or worse, be dropped off by their parents.

At the end of the night, much later than most mature and responsible students are normally awake (but hey, it’s Prom, let’s cut them some slack), the students slowly make their way out of the building. They didn’t drink anything that was spiked, but the party has drained their energy. As they come to the curb, the limo from one of the San Francisco Limo companies smoothly drives up in front of them and their driver steps out again, just as awake and alert as before. He has, in fact, been resting for the last few hours, and awoke twenty minutes ago to get his mind sharp again and be ready to drive once more. The students file into the backseat, talking quietly amongst themselves, and one or two of them examines the drinks that were refilled while they were gone. A bit thirsty, they down a single glass each before sitting back and enjoying the ride in quiet. They’re dropped off at their houses, one by one, and the limo drives away.

Prom is one of the most important nights of a child’s life. A limousine won’t only bring students there in style, but also safety, so every parent can know that a responsible adult is watching over the children from beginning to end.


It’s been a long flight, involving several transfers, some work with a passport, and more turbulence than the man really wants to think about. He’s come all the way from Asia to make a business deal that will result in literally millions of dollars in profit for both sides, but right now, all he really wants to do is find someplace to rest. He checks his watch, a timepiece worth more than the monthly salary of most of his workers, as he rolls his single suitcase out the door. He was expecting a comfortable car of some kind… Instead, imagine his surprise when a spotless limousine pulls up and the driver takes his bag for him while explaining that for the week he’s going to be in the area, he’ll have unlimited use of this vehicle to take him anywhere he wants to go.

For the rest of the week, the businessman finds out how true this really is. He’s staying in a deluxe hotel in the heart of San Francisco, and every morning at 9 A.M. Sharp, the limo from a San Francisco Limousine Company is waiting there to drive him to the meeting where he’s discussing the last details of the deal. The limo is still there when negotiations are done each day and the driver takes the whole group out to one of San Francisco’s nicest restaurants for lunch before returning them to the office. In the afternoon, the businessman is shown many of the sights around San Francisco so that they can make the most of this particular trip. When it’s finally time to leave, the businessman steps out of the limo and looks back to see the smiling face of the person who began and is now ending his experience in the United States. The entire journey was smooth, safe, and more comfortable than he ever expected. There were even a variety of drinks and snacks from his homeland inside the vehicle to help fight homesickness.

If this scenario seems familiar, that’s because major businesses all around the world use similar techniques every day to help ensure the safety and comfort of business guests who could have a major impact on the course of their business lives. In fact, local businesses trust Dardi Limousine to be the San Francisco Limousine Company they can look to first for providing important guests with the best experience. Those who only need a simple pick-up or drop-off often prefer to take advantage of Dardi’s Lincoln Town Cars, which seat up to four passengers in elegant comfort. Up to seven pieces of luggage can be stored inside, while tinted windows allow a great deal of privacy. For guests who need more room (or the traditional San Francisco Limousine Company look), the Lincoln Stretch Limousine seats as many as ten passengers in comfort while offering amenities like privacy dividers, flat screen televisions, mood lighting, couches, and more.

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