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The Stern Grove Festival: The Festival of Festivals in San Francisco

There is always some event going on in the Bay Area. Whether it be a sporting event, a concert or a festival, there is always something to look forward to if you enjoy events that never fail to amass a large crowd.

If you love nonstop music in an outdoor setting, then the Stern Grove Festival is an upcoming event that is worthy of your attention. For nonlocals or those that are visiting, you may not be familiar with this event, and you are definitely in for a treat should you decide to attend.


The Stern Grove Festival is a music festival held every weekend during the summer months, usually running from mid-June to mid-August. The festival always yields a huge turnout and is located in the streets of 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard. The festival is a time-honored tradition of the city that began back in 1938, and the best part is that admission is completely free.This year’s lineup features some upcoming and notable artists. This includes singers and entertainers Michael McDonald, Boz Scraggs and Kid Koala. There will also be performances from the San Francisco Symphony, Kronos Quartet and Red Baraat.

If you never been to the Stern Grove Festival, you will be blown away on your first visit when you stop by and see just how large the crowd gets. The event is a must-see if you love a variety of music and live performances from known artists as well as performers local to the area. Since the event runs all summer long, you can select which weekend you want to attend; you can go to all of them or just the ones featuring the artists you are interested in seeing.

This year’s festival marks the 76th season. As always, the event kicks off with the Big Picnic. This is an event in itself where attendees purchase tickets and enjoy an afternoon of live music, food and drinks. The Big Picnic is held to raise funds for the Stern Grove Festival, which is what allows the event to be held for free.

The Stern Grove Festival is a historical part of San Francisco, and if you are attending for the first time, then you are in for some major entertainment. While totally optional, if you are going to be attending, then make every bit of the day as memorable as possible by taking a limo. While some people choose to drive themselves, the traffic in the area is going to be borderline chaotic. This means you are going to be caught in bumper to bumper traffic under sweltering heat conditions.

By taking a limo, you can enjoy the commute with all sorts of accommodations. This includes air conditioning, comfortable leather seating and a built-in bar. You and your party can enjoy drinks while anticipating the concert you are about to experience. A limo ride is basically the cherry on top of the sundae especially if you are attending the festival for the first time. Any San Francisco native will tell you that this is an event not to be missed.

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