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Stop by San Francisco This Summer for America’s Cup Pavilion

If you love water sports, then San Francisco is the place to be between the months of July and September. San Francisco will be the location of this year’s annual Summer of Racing where various yachts will go toe to toe to become the next holder of America’s Cup.

America's Cup Pavilion

First, a little history for those not familiar with America’s Cup; there is a deep history behind it that spans to the pre-Civil War days. The America’s Cup is a trophy passed on to the winner of a series of yacht races. The event began in 1851, and the trophy has become the Holy Grail for passionate yacht racers who use the seas as their race course.

The race takes place over a course of several weeks in a series of elimination bouts. The winner becomes the official challenger for the current America’s Cup holder. The event has become one of the world’s oldest international sports and never fails to draw a major crowd.

This year’s race is scheduled to take place in San Francisco; spectators can watch the race from Piers 27/29. Admission is free, though there is a fee if you want upfront seats. If you arrive early enough, you can catch pre-race spectacles, such as contestant interviews and autograph signing sessions.

This year’s event will be formerly known as America’s Cup Pavilion and will kick off on the 4th of July. It is not just the race itself that you will enjoy. There will also be a series of concerts and live skits from celebrity performers. This includes Hollywood notables like Sting, Fall Out Boy, Counting Crows, The Jonas Brothers, and Cheech and Chong. The entire event will be hosted by Live Nation, the world’s leading live entertainment company.

Since the event lasts over a period of over two months, you can look up the schedule to decide which days you want to attend. Even if you are not interested in the race itself, you can still attend for the concert and attend on the days where the band you are interested in is scheduled to perform.

If you plan on bringing kids along, then you can also make the event educational by stopping by at the California Academy of Sciences. As a build up to the race, the museum will be hosting a new exhibit known as Built for Speed. This is an exhibit where you can get a close up view of aquatic marine mammals as well as get a crash course in the making of a high-speed sail boat.

This may be the only time America’s Cup is held in San Francisco. If you plan on taking part in it, then make the most of it. As an afterthought, you can make the event more memorable by arriving in a limo. This heightens the anticipation leading to the event especially if you are attending for one of the concerts. Riding in a limo is a great way to take advantage of an event that you may only get one opportunity to experience.

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